Koh Inversiones boutique approach to client service allows us to take a highly active role in client work. The firm was started with a shared vision of allowing every advisor to develop a deep personal investment in the work. Each of our associates believes in making that kind of commitment every day, with every client relationship.

Michael Koh is the managing partner and founder of Koh Inversiones (Koh Investments). He is also the founder and former owner of ApartmentsBA.com, which was the most respected real estate property management and consulting firm in South America. He served as the President & CEO of ApartmentsBA until October  2010 when the company was acquired by Luxury Retreats.

Mr. Koh has often been called a visionary by locals and foreigners alike for his foresight on the real estate market and his investment activities within Argentina. He was the largest buyer of residential real estate in Buenos Aires from 2003 to 2010.

He provides consulting as well as advisory services for individual entrepreneurs, corporations, and investment & hedge funds.

Mr. Koh has been on the forefront of worldwide economic conditions. He accurately forecasted and warned in 2004/2005/2006/2007 of the upcoming collapse in the USA real estate market, the “Great Recession” in the USA, the stock market meltdown of 2008, and advised his clients to sell short the financial sector in 2007 as well as cover short positions in January 2009.

Mr. Koh took major positions in the acquisition of residential real estate in Buenos Aires starting in 2003. He forecasted that real estate would dramatically increase in value in Buenos Aires.  Real estate went on to more than double since he started recommending & acquiring properties in Argentina, while at the same time plummeting in all the areas around the world he predicted it would fall. He successfully advised his clients to sell their real estate portfolios in the USA, Spain, UK, and Ireland before prices started their downfall.

He also recommended to his clients to start acquiring residential real estate in the USA in mid-2011, which coincides with the bottoming out of real estate prices in the USA. Prices in many cities which he started acquiring real estate have significantly risen in value as he forecasted.

Mr. Koh has successfully franchised property management companies across South America in Bariloche, Argentina, Lima, Peru, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Mendoza, Argentina. He has also recently sold a franchise for Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Prior to moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina, he spent the previous decade as a senior level marketing executive. His clients included the Federal Reserve Bank, Ericsson, City of Dallas, Family of Ray Hunt, Boeing, Nokia, Perot Systems, Family of Ross Perot, Exxon, AT&T, William M. Mercer, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, Thompson & Knight LLP, Dallas County School District, Southwest Airlines, Price WaterhouseCoopers, Vinson & Elkins, Hunt Oil, Accenture, Hicks Muse Tate & Furst, Bombay Company and over 500 corporations.

Erika Garcia is a Director with Koh Inversiones and has played an integral role with the success of the company.

Previously, Ms. Garcia served as an executive and principal with ApartmentsBA in Buenos Aires, Argentina handling corporate financial transactions and assisting with the day to day operations of the company.