Koh Inversiones is typically retained by individuals & families, financial institutions and investments funds.  However, we have an affinity to partner with individual investors and the vast majority of our investments are made in a partnership with our individual investor clients.

A typical investment transaction with Koh Inversiones:

  • Client will arrange for an initial consultation where our experts can answer any questions about the buying process, explain all tax laws, legal matters, and pertinent information regarding entering and exiting a potential investment.  We will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.
  • Our firm will determine if you are a suitable candidate to invest and partner with our firm.  Upon proper accreditation, you would retain our firm to assist you and help you throughout the entire investment process.
  • Our firm will take a legal Power of Attorney (POA)  to safely and fully complete the transaction in the event you aren’t able to travel to the destination country of the investment.  We can legally act on your behalf throughout the entire transaction and ensure that everything is done totally legally to avoid potential problems and ensure that you can successfully exit the investment in the future.
  • We will fully manage your investment properly and it will be looked after the entire period that you are in the investment until you fully exit the investment.  We have a strong reputation with hundreds of investors from around the world.
  • When you are ready to exit your investment, we will be there ready to assist you in safely exiting your investment.  We handle everything from start to finish.
  • The vast majority of our investments are in residential real estate.  And virtually all of our clients hold the title to their property in their own names.  So there is no cumbersome decision making process or restrictions to exit your investment.  You are able to exit the investment at your leisure.  And when you want to exit, we will be there ready, willing and able to assist you.