The concept of international and global investing has revolutionized the thinking of American investors. We have been challenged with the idea of investing outside the United States thereby directly supporting foreign companies and other governments. Regardless of how you may feel about that, globalization is spreading in every sense of the word. Now is the time to capitalize on international developments by placing your money in foreign markets. Patriotism is fine, but in matters of finance, it is better to keep the two separated. The tide of change has arrived.

With the advent of the global economy and emerging world markets, the insightful investor should understand the concept of offshore investing and learn how sophisticated investors worldwide are scoring greater financial gains than their homebound counterparts. The super rich have practiced offshore investing for decades, but only now is it proving to be a viable option for every investor.

Use of foreign bank accounts has been widely discussed in investment books over the past two decades. However, the practice of true offshore investing has been largely overlooked. Probably the reason for this oversight is that most investment advisors concern themselves with financial aspects such as investments and markets and less with the legal aspects of structuring personal and business affairs.

This void may also be a result of the lack of demand for the need to know. Rich, internationally diversified individuals have long exercised the offshore angle, but only now does it truly make sense for smaller investors with less capital and less diversified portfolios to consider the same possibilities.

Here are some of the numerous reasons and benefits why an investor today needs to consider investing from offshore. Each individual will recognize advantages that will fit their own circumstance.